Phonak Accessories

Phonak offers a line of accessories designed to further improve your hearing in certain situations and to help with the cleaning and care of your devices. These additional products and tools help preserve the lifespan and functionality of your hearing aids.

Phonak RemoteControl

A simple, handheld remote made to easily control your Phonak hearing aids without fumbling or being distracted.

Phonak PartnerMic

A discreet and easy-to-use microphone that attaches to your partner's lapel to improve hearing during one-on-one conversations.

TV Connector

A wireless hearing aid accessory that streams TV and music directly to your hearing aids using AirStream™ technology.


Chargers specifically made for your device to ensure you get the best performance for your level of hearing loss.


There are several hearing aid battery types and sizes that are color-coded for easy identification..

Clean Care

Performing routine cleaning can extend the life of your hearing aids and sure you can hear clearly.

Hearing experts near you

Hearing care professionals can help you make the choice that is perfect for you. They will consider your hearing needs, your budget, your lifestyle and your individual hearing preferences.