Noahlink Wireless

Noahlink Wireless is a HIMSA industry-standard programming device for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled hearing instruments such as Phonak Audéo B-Direct and Phonak Audéo Marvel.

New opportunities in wireless fitting

  • Exclusive to Phonak, the combination of Noahlink Wireless, Phonak Target and Phonak direct connectivity hearing aids create the foundation for a unique wireless workflow.
  • Utilizes direct connectivity for a fast and reliable cable free fitting.

Simplifies the fitting process

  • It is a universal programming device that eliminates the need for proprietary devices.

Easy to use and set up

  • Noahlink Wireless is a simple plug and play solution.
  • Just plug in the USB cable from the Noahlink Wireless into a computer. Noahlink Wireless will automatically install and it is easily selected in the drop down menu of available fitting devices.


Noahlink Wireless is compatible with Phonak Audéo B-Direct and Phonak Audéo Marvel hearing aids.

Important note: Noahlink Wireless is not compatible with MS Windows Vista. Please visit for further information

Product package

The product is packaged in a box that includes the Noahlink wireless, a USB cable, and a USB stick containing all necessary user guides in multiple languages.

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