Today's interactive world of mobile phones, computers, TVs, game consoles and MP3 players can present a challenge if you wear hearing aids. Phonak Hearing Aids can be easily connected to all of these communication and media options.

Phonak ComPilot (Quest & Venture)

Wireless Control and Communication

It is a perfect 3-in-1 companion, offering a built-in remote control, easy wireless access to TVs, MP3 players and telephones. VoiceAlerts make it easier than ever to interact with hearing aids.

Phonak TVLink S (Quest & Venture)

Watching TV with Comfort

A dedicated TV solution that wirelessly sends audio signals from a TV or any other audio source to the ComPilot. The extremely fast transmission from your TV to your hearing aids in stereo provides excellent sound quality. Using TVLink with ComPilot

Phonak Remote Mic

To stream the speaker's speech to hearing aids thru ComPilot to ensure clearer speech signal being captured.

Phonak EasyCall II

The cell phone solution

  • Connects any Bluetooth enabled cell phone to Phonak hearing aids

  • Continuous Streaming for 8 hours wirelessly to both Phonak hearing aids

  • Does not require any fitting configuration

  • Attach to cell phone via adhesive tape

Phonak DECT II

The home & office phone

  • Cordless phone with binaural streaming for maximum understanding over phone

  • Demo button for easy demonstration

  • Unpack and use: no fitting required

Phonak ComPilot Air II

The clip-on audio streamer

  • Connects any Bluetooth enabled cell phone to Phonak hearing aids

  • No neckloop

  • 4 hours continuous streaming

  • Can be used with Phonak TVLink II & Phonak RemoteMic V.2.