Phonak ComPilot

This streaming accessory allows users to enjoy cell phone calls and high-clarity stereo sound quality for multimedia audio through their hearing aids.

Thanks to Bluetooth, the ComPilot can be easily connected to a huge range of cell phones, smartphones, computers, tablets, music players and more. It can also be used as a remote control, for changing the hearing aids’ program and volume, and offers VoiceAlerts for easy interaction.

When to Use it

Cell phone.

Music players and computers.

Remote control of the hearing aids.

Product Details

More than 8 hours continuous streaming time in StereoSound.

Directional microphones for more clear speech during phone calls.

Built-in remote control for changing volume or program of hearing aids.

What is it Used With?

Compilot is a standalone solution.

Experience Compilot

Connection to a cell phone

Before the ComPilot can be used with a cell phone, you need to make sure the phone is Bluetooth enabled and to complete the pairing and connection procedures.

Extend Usage

Use the ComPilot for:

Watching TV - in combination with
Phonak TVLink S

Conversations in noisy places - in combination with
Phonak RemoteMic

Visual confirmation during operation.